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Transfusion medicine Department of Iqraa Hospital has NABH accredited blood centre, the only one accredited blood centre in Malabar area. The Department of Transfusion Medicine, Iqraa Hospital is committed to provide safe, appropriate and good quality blood and its components to all patients as per quality standards and latest development in the field of transfusion medicine, ensuring availability to any patient coming in.

The main aim is to provide quality medical care to patients by dispensing safe and good quality blood. Also to ensure and promote rational use of blood components. Our mission is to ensure that no one dies for want of Blood and Blood Components in Iqraa hospital and the hospitals in the area depending on us for blood products. Our vision is to be an efficient department of transfusion medicine in India, operating as a centre of excellent services adhering to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing practices, serving the needy patients and the common man.

We shall serve all patients irrespective of caste, religion, gender, age, or hospital where he/she is taking treatment and fulfil his/her requirements of blood and blood products during all times, including emergencies and in the event of any disaster whatsoever. We have a good public relation and community awareness programme,provide donor education and motivation for blood donation and conduct blood donation camps.


We do advanced fully automated 12 well microplate methods of blood grouping, red cell antibody screening and identification. We provide Rh-Kell phenotype matched blood in indicated and affordable patients. We do immunohematological work up for group discrepancies and crossmatch incompatible cases and provide appropriately matched blood for transfusion.


We have a daycare transfusion facility to provide blood transfusion without admission, to minimize the waiting time and to avoid overcrowding of the Emergency Department.

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