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Rheumatic disorders refer to diseases affecting various parts of musculoskeletal system that includes joints, bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Many of these disorders are now known to be disorders of immune system and also affect other organs like skin, kidneys, brain, heart, nerves etc. Early diagnosis and treatment is absolutely essential in preventing morbidity and mortality due to these diseases.

Department of Rheumatology and clinical Immunology in IQRAA hospital offers standard of care treatment in managing various arthritis like Rheumatoid arthritis, Spondyloarthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Gout and in management of autoimmune connective tissue diseases like Lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, Myositis, Scleroderma, antiphospholipid syndrome and Vasculitis. Management of the above rheumatic diseases has undergone a revolutionary change in last two decades with the advent of DMARDS (Disease Modifying AntiRheumatic Drugs) and Biologics.

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