Research for a Better Tomorrow

Medical research is conducted to aid and support the body of knowledge in the field of medicine. IQRAA is promoting the use and conduct of research in clinical practice. It is an essential component for ensuring best treatment practices. IQRAA aims at setting highest standards for clinical research as an integral part of service. We offer expertise and infrastructure support to several research projects to bring about breakthroughs in the field of medicine.Department of Psychiatry, Diabetology, Nephrology etc., are doing active research programmes in order to accomplish our mission of providing high-quality, low-cost treatment to the whole community and especially the underprivileged patients.

Ongoing Research Programmes

  • Efficacy of Paliperidone in the prophylaxis of bipolar affective disorder.
  • Efficacy of Aripiprazole in children and adolescents with schizophrenia.
  • Prevalence of sexual dysfunctions in patients getting psychiatric treatment with medical treatment.
  • Melatonin in schizophrenia patients with insomnia – A double blind placebo controlled study
  • Anthropometric and metabolic control among Type 2 Diabetic patients first attending a tertiary care setting in Suburban Kerala
  • A study to evaluate the efficacy and acceptability of sitagliptin in middle-aged diabetics on OHA and off target HbA1c.


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