No other epithet other than 'at the affordable reach of common man' would suit the bounteous services sublimated in charity rendered by IQRAA International Hospital. It is exalted with the pride and glory of being the one and only one hospital in Calicut that offers quality medical treatment to the public at the most affordable expense.
   This 315-bedded huge infirmary is scaling the acmes of professional excellence with all the ultramodern facilities of today's sophisticated medical world. At present serving around 1 lakh people per year with the finest medical aids, IQRAA International Hospital has so far palliated the pangs of multifarious suffering people. In the midst of all these, the hospital has never failed to pay emphatic stress on various charity missions that have triggered the waves of change in social health. Managed by the reputed JDT Islam Orphanage Committee which got accredited with the national distinction for child welfare, IQRAA International Hospital has its sole aim at the vital promotion of health sector by providing potential medical services.

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